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Orange County- Home Theater

In previous posts we have detailed the transformation of a client's home office into a dedicated home theater. 

The client located in Orange County California commissioned our firm for the design and project management of this wonderful theater. Working within the clients budget we were able to design this a theater that the client loves with the help of the interior designer, general contractor, and A/V installation company.

With the team members in place documentation was created to articulate all of the details of the system for both the contractor and the A/V company to follow for the build out and installation of the system. Acoustic materials for the room along with the seating were carefully selected in order to have the room look visually stunning as well as sound great.

The fully automated theater included a lighting control system, motorized draperies, a 7.1 surround sound system, universal control system, and a stunning DLP projection system. The client loved the fact that at the touch of a single button the projector turned on, the surround sound system fired up, the draperies closed, and the lights dimmed, making everyone in the room ready for the movie.

The client recently informed me that he had a viewing party at his home recently, and an executive for a Los Angeles movie studio commented that this theater was "far superior to the dedicated theater that the studio uses to screen movies for movie stars". With that, I think this was a job well done and I am proud of everything the team did for this project and that the client loves his new theater.


David VanWert

VanWert Technology Design