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Smart-Switchable-Glass for your home

Many homeowners today, especially those with modern homes, choose to have motorized shades and draperies included in their home automation systems. These motorized shades and draperies are able to be opened or closed at the touch of the button and can also adjust depending on the location of the sun as well.

These shades and draperies help reduce the amount of ambient light into the room saving on heating and air conditioning costs as well as protect expensive wood flooring, furniture, and artwork from the damaging sun.

But what if there was another alternative? A solution that doesn't require taking up room in the home and is as impressive as your home is. If your looking for something a little me sleek and cutting edge I would take a look at "Smart Glass".

Smart Glass, as it is commonly referred to, is used instead of standard windows in your home. When a small charge of electricity is applied through the windows they are able to be clear one moment and give you complete privacy the next.

This is a great solution for homeowners that would like the benefits of privacy, energy savings, and protecting your valuables from the sun without having shades and draperies taking up room in the home or taking away from the aesthetics. Oh, and it doesn't that is will really impress your friends and family either.

If you are interested in this technology, or any others for your home or business, contact us for more information regarding our design and consulting services. And remember,VanWert Technology Design does not sell or install products so you are able to an unbiased opinion for your project.