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Control your home with iPhone-iPad

This last October when Apple announced the iPhone 4S and their voice recognition Siri I wrote a blog about it here that talked about controlling your Home Theater, Home Automation and other technologies through Siri and other future voice recognition applications.


Well that day is here, Carnes Audio Visual from Little Rock Arkansas has incorporated Siri into a home theater using Crestron components to turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, turn on the theater and more.


I think if all of your major home automation companies such a CrestronSavant,Control4, and other home automation companies would incorporate this feature into their products it would change the world of home theater and home automation dramatically.


Not only would it reduce the need for expensive touch panels and handheld remote controls it would make systems much easier to use. No longer would homeowners have the excuse of saying that technology is hard to use of confusing. If executed and programmed properly by the audio video integrator it would get much easier than saying "turn on my TV to ABC" or "turn on my Blu-ray".


Below is a video showing this Siri based control in action. I am very excited to see this technology take shape in the home and office setting and can't wait until I can recommend this to our clients!


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